TransparencyDV Company offers Exquisite glass products

We are manufacturers and sellers of exclusive glass products created with love and skill of our glassmakers. Our company is proud to present you a wide range of glass goblets, wine glasses, glasses and other glass products for various occasions and events.

Our products


Wine glasses 
TransparencyDV Company

Our wine glasses are a true art, designed to highlight the splendor and sophistication of each type of wine. We pay special attention to the design and functionality of our glasses so that you can enjoy the full richness of the taste and aroma of your favorite wine.

Our wine glasses can be a great gift for connoisseurs of wine art. They will be appreciated by both connoisseurs of wine and lovers of this drink.

By choosing our wine glasses, you are choosing true quality and style for your wine experience. Our glasses are designed to make your wine journey even more amazing and unforgettable.


Individual Approach

We understand that tastes are different and every client is unique. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to create an order for the manufacture of glass products to order. You can choose the design, engraving and size to get a unique product that will meet your expectations.

TransparencyDV Company

Our shot glasses are true works of art, designed with both functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. We pay special attention to every detail to create glasses that will become an integral part of your bar collection and give your table a sophisticated look.

Glasses from our collection can be a wonderful gift for your loved ones or friends. They will be appreciated as a valuable accessory for the bar and a stylish element of the interior.

By choosing our glasses, you are choosing style and sophistication for your table. Complete your collection of glass products with our glasses and enjoy the atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.


Quality, Durability

Our glass products are made of high quality glass, which is durable and has excellent brightness. We guarantee that each product will pass strict quality control before it reaches you.

TransparencyDV Company

Our glass cutlery adds sophistication and charm to your table and serving. That is why they become indispensable elements for those who appreciate beauty and elegance in every detail.

Our glass cutlery will help you create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests. They add luxury and sophistication to your events and celebrations.

By choosing our glass cutlery, you are betting on style, beauty and sophistication in every detail of your table. Our products will help you emphasize the uniqueness of your serving and create an unforgettable atmosphere.


Environmental Sustainability

We also care about the environment and use environmentally friendly materials and technologies in production. We believe that style and sustainability can coexist.

Choose our glass products to add elegance and sophistication to your life.

Glass souvenirs 
TransparencyDV Company

The perfect way to express your feelings and create a memorable moment for the special people in your life. We offer a wide range of unique and colorful products that are suitable for different events and celebrations.

We offer a variety of designs and styles so you can find exactly the souvenir or gift that suits your preferences and occasion.

With our glass souvenirs and gifts, you can give something special and unique. They will become a symbol of your care and attention to those you love and respect.



Our company provides convenient and reliable delivery services for all our customers. We understand that receiving the ordered goods on time and in perfect condition is one of the important aspects of quality service.

We work with reliable shipping services that guarantee fast and efficient delivery of your order. We strive to minimize the time between the moment of the order and its delivery to you.

Your glass products will be carefully packaged to avoid damage during transit. We make sure your order arrives in perfect condition.




I have ordered several glass goblets from this company for my wedding and I absolutely love it! The quality of the glass is beyond praise, and they look very elegant. Delivery was fast and flawless. Thank you!


I regularly order glass glasses for my bar from this company. They always arrive in great condition and my clients love their design. An excellent combination of quality and style.


I ordered beautiful glass wine glasses for my anniversary. It was a wonderful gift for the guests, and they were satisfied. Thanks for the creative approach! I recommend your company!

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